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Reading Moderation in the Primary School

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EL 19/029 

How often have you moderated writing and maths, but not reading? Moderation processes need to be robust in this core subject too! If you’re not sure how to go about it effectively, try this simple-to-use module which has done the thinking for you.  This module provides two presentations to be conducted over separate sessions, to assist your school or collaboration to conduct your own moderation of reading.  A moderation form for use in all year groups from 1 to 6 is also included.

This course is now live and is available for £40 per school plus 20% VAT.  Ensure you have your CPD Leads approval before clicking take this course as the school will be charged.   

Important: This course MUST be taken in Google Chrome otherwise some elements of the course may not work and your progress will not be saved.  If you don't have Google Chrome you can download here or speak to your ICT team about installing.

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To support the reading moderation process in your school or collaboration

To gather good evidence for reading

To make more secure age-related judgements about children’s reading


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2 hours 
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